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Fast & Fun Facts for First-Years

We know that new students (in particular first-year students) and students who are new to pre-health often have many questions. But also, don't always know what to ask or what might be most helpful in starting your pre-health career at UIC. Enter our webinars developed specifically for incoming students and first-years.

For students interested in a health profession that offers a graduate degree such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy, physician assistant, and many others, your college experience will start in much the same way. You'll typically start with chemistry and you have time to develop your interests and major selections. The Pre-Health Fun Facts for First Years webinar is for you! This is a great place to start! First-Year students with significant AP/IB/dual enrollment credits can email to request an appointment. Other first years may send an email to the same email address with questions, attend drop-in appointments (when we're back on campus), participate in webinars and live events, and are encouraged to schedule a 1:1 appointment early in their 2nd year.

Many students begin at UIC as pre-nursing students and getting ready for the first year of college can feel a bit more rushed. You need to know how things are going to go so that you can start your nursing courses in a couple of years! Because of the specific needs of our first-year pre-nursing students, we have a webinar just for you: First-Year Fast Facts for Pre-Nursing Students. You are encouraged to watch this webinar first. If it doesn't answer your questions, you are then welcome to reach out to the Pre-Health nursing advisor to make an appointment to go over your specific concerns.

But don't stop here! Check out our other webinars that fit your interests. Want to know how to connect with faculty members? Watch part two of our Letters of Recommendation webinar series, for example. In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming you to campus and working with you on your pre-health educational goals!