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About Pre-Health Advising

Pre-Health Advising is located within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UIC. However, pre-health advisors welcome UIC students from all colleges to make an appointment.

The priority of Pre-Health Advising is student success at UIC and to promote graduation in a timely manner. This may mean that students are encouraged to consider majors or health professions that are different from their original goals. It may also mean that pre-health advisors encourage alternate pathways or timelines to the original goal.

In addition to specific information about various health professions, pre-health advisors provide guidance around GPA and standardized testing, as well as suggestions for gaining health care exposure and experience.

Students are encouraged to make individual appointments with a pre-health advisor early in their UIC career to make sure that they maximize the support available.

There are many health professions and we want students to find their best fit! Our pre-health advisors work with students in an optimistic, but also realistic way that may mean prioritizing graduation or major completion. Each student has their own needs and interests and we want to support that through our advising.

Misty Huacuja-LaPointe  |  Director of Pre-Professional Advising