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Nursing @ UIC

At UIC, aspiring nurses usually begin as undeclared majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with a declared Educational Goal of Pre-Nursing. The UIC College of Nursing only enrolls students who have completed a minimum of 57 credit hours and all pre-nursing prerequisite courses. First-year students cannot enroll as a nursing student in the College of Nursing at UIC.

There are many pathways a student can pursue to become a nurse. Students interested in nursing are strongly encouraged to research the profession. The following web sites are good resources for the profession, scholarships, and financial aid information:

Advising Information Heading link

male student practicing with stethoscope

First-year students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are required to meet with an academic advisor during orientation prior to scheduling courses for their first year. This is a great time to declare an educational goal of pre-nursing to ensure that you receive information about pre-nursing, including events and opportunities.

LAS pre-nursing students may schedule an appointment with a Pre-Nursing advisor at any time; including during their first-year at UIC. Webinars are also available for students who want to learn more but aren’t ready to meet with an advisor or aren’t sure what questions to ask.

Non-LAS students who wish to meet a LAS pre-nursing advisor may fill out a request form to schedule an appointment.