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Explore Health Professions

Many students come to UIC with interest in the health sciences. Your desire may have come from personal experiences and interests. You may want a health career for the potential job security it could offer, a desire to serve humanity, hope for a well-paying career, or love of scientific study and discovery. There are many reasons, many of which are very personal. Regardless of your motivation, it is helpful to think about and consider a number of different professions. You should evaluate different careers along side of your own abilities, interests, and strengths. Choosing a career should be more of a process, not just a singular decision made at once.

Various online and print resources are available to students to aid in the exploration and determination of a field of study and potential future career. Pre-health advisors are available to assist students in evaluating if a particular career or field is suitable to their interests, abilities, and personal goals.

The following web sites are excellent resources for students to begin researching and learning more about a variety of health care areas and professions.